Ojooo AG with its registered seat located in Am Kaiserkai 69, 20457 Hamburg, Deutschland , Sitz der Gesellschaft: Hamburg, Registergericht: Amtsgericht Hamburg, Registernummer: HRB 106740, hereinafter referred to as the "Ojooo".


The customers are the adult physical persons, legal persons or a business unit without legal entity, hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor".


1. The platform provides the ordering parties with the tool allowing to create an advertisement campaign in the form of publishing and promoting a specified website, constituting the object of this campaign.
2. The Ojooo ensures the advertisement broadcasting according to the parameters specified by the Contractor. The Ojooo provides the greatest effectiveness of the campaign as well.
3. The advertisement campaign may be published on the service websites and all its subsites (subdomains) as well as the partnership Ojooo sites.
4. Ojooo does not guarantee any particular sales results effecting from a campaign created by the ordering party, having no direct influence on it.
5. Ojooo informs that it is in possession of a limited number of advertisement recipients and not always is capable of ensuring broadcasting of unlimited number of advertisements per a limited time, especially in the event of target campaign aimed at minor social groups.


1. Ojooo reserves the right to refuse publishing of a particular advertisement campaign.
2. Ojooo holds no responsibility for the contents of the posted advertisements and commercials and may refuse to broadcast a commercial or may block it shall its contents or form conflict the legal regulations, the program policy, the character of the service and the rules of publishing advertisements campaigns.
3. Ojooo reserves the right to refuse broadcasting commercials in the course of performing a contract or an order, shall their form or contents result in negative reception of the other service users.
4. Ojooo bears no responsibility for any possible detriments effecting from force majeure that partially or fully affected broadcasting of the advertisement campaign.
5. Preparation of complete advertisement campaign, texts, films, graphics, interviews, commercial materials and all other related issues rest solely on the ordering party.
6. The ordering party is responsible for the attractiveness of the advertisement campaign and its effectiveness in terms of the product or service sales.


1. Ojooo obliges to protect personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act and the Act on providing services via electronic medium.
2. The Contractor, providing their personal data on the occasion of filing an order gives their consent for its processing by the Ojooo for the purpose of executing the filled order.
3. The Contractor has the right of insight into their personal data and to erase them.


1. A contractor is entitled to file a complaint or return.
2. Any possible complaints, including print screens as proofs, are accepted within 10 working days from the date of an advertisement appearing at
3. Complaints filed after the expiry of the prescribed term or deprived of the print screens shall not be considered.
4. In the event of accepting a complaint the parties shall mutually agree on the manner of negotiations justified by the scope and form of compensation, pursuant to the grade or immensity of falsely broadcasted advertising campaign.
5. The contractor is liable to no costs in the event of withdrawing an order prior to launching it by clicking (launch campaign) and confirming the warning informing about launching of the campaign.
6. Such campaign shall be deemed delivered and does not undergo return of payment.
7. The Contractor is liable for any mistakes made in order forms or payments.


1. Prices of broadcasting advertisement campaigns are specified within the price list in the form of calculator accessible at
2. Presented prices do not include the VAT tax. The contractor covers all social - legal liabilities (especially the fiscal ones) related to a particular advertising campaign.
3. All prices provided by the Ojooo are specified in the USD or EURO currency.


1. Payments for the services are made on-line, using payment systems specified by the Ojooo. E.g. Credit Card, Klarna Sofort, Prepayment.
2. Availability of the payment systems differs in upon the country. Ojooo has no influence over the payment services availability policy in a particular country.
3. Ojooo bears no responsibility for the faulty performance of the on-line payment systems.
In the event of occurrence of any impediments in transferring a correctly made payment against a campaign every particular occurrence shall be revised individually after filing a complaint by the contractor.


1. Ojooo pays particular attention for a service to work perpetually and correctly. Any detected malfunctions must be directed to the service administration.
2. Every action aimed at violation of the service activity shall be treated as a criminal act and reported to the law enforcement agencies. Any issues unspecified within the herein rules shall be considered by the court.
3. The registered contractors shall be informed electronically (to the E-mail address specified at the time of registering) on any alterations and their scope made to the rules.
4. The notification is serviced no later than 30 days prior to entry into force of the new rules.
5. The alterations shall be incorporated in order to adjust the rules to the binding legislation in force.
6. The binding legal rules apply at any issues not covered by the herein rules. Contentious issues are considered by the locally and factually competent court.

Stand: 24.10.2018

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