Advertise yourself at Ojooo!

Advertise yourself on our innovative platform, based on fair rules, where everyone gets benefits - both advertisers and recipients of advertising!
2. Click on the button "Buy advertisement".
3. Choose the promotion of your product or service


4. Read this guide and then go further

Advertising PTC

5. Type promoted site url.
Is an address of the product website your are advertising in this campaign. The Ojooo WAD users interested in you product will be transferred to this site

Campaign settings

6. Advert description
Try to characterise the advertised product the best you can
7. Choose the manner you advertisement is presented
Decide if the recipients of the advertisement can visit your website by themselves or should it be done automatically. Remember that automatically redirecting the recipient to your website may cause increased traffic on your server
8. Add new photo
Some of the websites make it impossible to create the correct print screen, in this case use the option "Add new photo"
9. Watching time
With the advanced technology we use we can assure you that the user will spend as much time on your advertisement page as you wish. During that time interactions may tae place, such as:
10. Budget
Your budget

Specify the amount you wish to provide for the advertisement campaign. Its realisation offer will be shown in the next step

Your price per single click

Propose the price you wish to pay per single visit on the advertised website. It mustn't be lower than the minimum price or greater than the maximum price. The greater the price the greater the priority of the campaign. With the greater price you will also be positioned higher I the list adverts to watch

11. Advertisement limitations
Define campaign limitations. You can set a limit of the daily visits on the advertised website and their repetition from a single recipient of the advertisement.


12. The advertisement target reception group
Wybierz kraje docelowe, do których chcesz dotrzeć z kampanią. W razie potrzeby zawęź grupę docelową do przedziału wiekowego i wybranej płci.


13. Complete your data
Enter the country you come from, your e-mail address, and accept the terms of the regulations.


14. Summary
Check all data and choose the method of payment.

Summary - Payment

15. Choose payment method


16. Access to statistics
To get access to detailed statistics for the campaign you have created, enter the PIN code that you will receive at the provided E-mail address.
17. Detailed statistics
Check detailed statistics of your advertising campaign. While it is in progress, you can edit settings, stop it or re-purchase your campaigns, when it’s over.
18. Profile
Complete the invoice data
19. Invoices
Download an invoice for purchased services.
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